As soon as a boundary is determined, man delimits two sides. As soon as God is proclaimed, man fictitiously divides Reality.

God is Reality. Undefinable and out of any word.
Unfortunately, there are no methods other than words to make it understood.
The Son of Man came into the world to be the first to return to Reality and he testifies to what he has seen and heard, namely that the Word has been proclaimed in both East and West.
God's plan was to inject salvation into the East and the West. It is written:
“because the coming of the Son of man will be like lightning striking in the east and flashing far into the west.”
Matthew 24:27 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)

Zerubbabel, in his book << The Sign of the Son of Man >>, Book ISBN: 978-2-35485-189-7, E-Book ISBN: 978-235485-405-8 >>, explains the Reality expressed by the Word of Jesus west of the Indus, but also the Word expressed in its eastern form east of the Indus.

It is clear that the Word was witnessed to the whole world in view of the last judgment because in other way the plan of salvation would make no sense.
The SPIRIT is the ultimate word used in the << Sign of the Son of Man >> to make little children understand Reality since everyone believes he has a personal spirit, that is, a << me >>.
What maintains attachment to your << me >> are your senses (5), your mind (1) and your personality (1). These are the 7 impure spirits you must drive out of your home.

Salvation is therefore a great washing; of your ability to detach yourself from the witchcraft of Great Babylon before the End of the World. Everything is vanity! This is how it is with your senses, your mind and your personality!
That is why God said not to consume knowledge of good and evil since there is nothing that can be defined except in the case of a hallucination.
We're in a world of pretense. God is Reality and it is the only Reality so everything you see is vanity. This is the vision of the forgotten ancient Wisdom.
Apart from Christian witness, there have been others in the East to convert other sheep not belonging to the Christian fold.
Good and evil is duality and that is why in Hinduism and Buddhism we prefer to call Reality non-dual rather than One because to say that Reality is One is to believe in the fusion of a <<< me >> with God...
For Hindus the consequences of knowing good and evil are called << Maya >>. Maya means << classification, measure, train, build, elaborate >> and gave birth to Greek-Latin words such as << meter, matrix, material >>.
The fundamental process of measurement is division, regardless of the method used.
Then you have an idea of God's real enemies. The great thinkers of this world will never accept to detach themselves from their << me >> and will prefer to define themselves based on historical elements, philosophy, human traditions, scientists and science.
The scientific vision of life is that of << I believe if I see >> and of << I think so I am >>.
Only those who become like little children again will be saved.
The 7 thunders of God will sweep away the 7 unclean spirits of your dwelling.
Reality is not integrated anywhere, it is outside any classification, but the testimony has been made all over the world even if the antichrists wanted it to be hidden.
Here is a Hindu extract from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad explaining well the mystery of the Word of the Spirit become flesh -visible-:
“In the beginning, this Self in a human form was all there was. He reflected upon himself and perceived none other than himself. He exclaimed, I am He! And therefore, the concept of “I” came into being. Therefore, to this day, when a person introduces himself, he first says, “It is I”, and then he says his other name. Because he came before everything there is (purva), and all his sins are destroyed (aushat), and he is called “Purusha”. He who knows this indeed destroys all those who aspire to come before him.”
Verse 1.4.1 ─ Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Translation by Janki Parikh, ISBN 978-981-09-8670-4, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


In the Bible, the Baptist testifies to the Word as follows:
“John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for HE WAS before me.”
John 1:15 ─ King James Bible (KJV)


The Baptist means that he himself is not real, but that the Word of the Spirit is real and that it must be understood in order to return to Reality.

In Taoism, In China, it is said:
“Something formless, complete in itself. There before Heaven and Earth. Tranquil, vast, standing alone, unchanging. It provides for all things yet cannot be exhausted. It is the mother of the universe. I DO NOT KNOW ITS NAME so I call it “Tao”.
Verse 25 ─ Tao Te Ching, Translation by Jonathan Star, ISBN 978-1-101-65947-2, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


The word << Tao >> is a Chinese word signifying "way", "path", "route".


Here is a Hindu extract from Mundaka Upanishad:
“Where knowledge is without duality, without action, without cause or effect, unspeakable, incomparable, beyond any description, what is it? It's IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY!”

The right vision is called << moksha >>, which means << liberation >> in Hinduism.


Again, in Taoism, in the definition of what is a liberated man:
<< The spirit of the perfect man is like a mirror. He doesn't grasp anything, but he doesn't push back anything. He receives, but he does not keep>>, says Chuang-tzu.

And finally Buddhist extracts, in the Lankavatara Sutra:
Note: On my French website, the word << mind >> is replaced by << spirit >>. The Lord being the Spirit, I will use the word << Spirit >> so that you will not be confused. False prophets say that life comes from the brain and its thoughts, but this is totally false since all imaginary bodies appear in the Spirit since the Lord is the Spirit. It is in this sense that one does not need to be intelligent according to the world to reach the Lord.
“God is spirit, and those who worship must worship in spirit and truth.”
John 4:24 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


“I speak of Spirit only for the ABANDONMENT OF ALL VIEWS.”
Emplacement 4104, The Lankavatara Sutra, Translated by Thomas Cleary, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


“The essence of Spirit is pure; Spirit is not a product of confusion. CONFUSION IS MADE OF MISJUDGMENT; because of it Spirit is not seen.”
Emplacement 4054, The Lankavatara Sutra, Translated by Thomas Cleary, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


“Having attained Spirit alone, one will not imagine an external object; focused on verity, one will transcend Spirit alone.”
Emplacement 4064, The Lankavatara Sutra, Translated by Thomas Cleary, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


Note: Reality not being in words, we must finally abandon the word << Spirit >> to be able to see the new world of which John speaks in Revelation.


Emplacement 4084, The Lankavatara Sutra, Translated by Thomas Cleary, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


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