Bodhidharma, the first Patriarch of Chán, had the right vision of Reality and was therefore no longer of this world, like Jesus.
Hui-k’o became the second Patriarch when Bodhidharma explained to him what Reality was all about:
Bodhidharma asked Hui-k’o what he wanted.
“I have no peace of mind,” said Hui-k’o. “Please pacify my mind.”
“Bring out your mind here before me,” replied Bodhidharma, “and I will pacify it!”
“But when I seek my own mind,” said Hui-k’o, “I cannot find it.”
“There!” snapped Bodhidharma, “I have pacified your mind!”
The Way of Zen, Alan Watts, p.86-87, E-book ISBN 9780307784346, Paperback ISBN 9780375705106, E-Book available in the KINDLE application

You don't have a personal mind, because saying that you have something is a mistake. Thus, when you no longer have an ego, you can no longer say that you have anything. When you realize it, you realize that this world is only a projection of images. So there is no longer any <<<myself>> and <<<other>>> and that is how the Law, the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Buddhist recommendations take on their full meaning: How can we harm others if there is no me and no others?
It is in this sense that the Law was written, to help you no longer react to visible elements and to give you the right vision of Reality, that of the One who called himself <<< I am >>.
The mistake is to believe in an autonomous life since thinking in this way is to add a spirit (ego) invented by pure imagination, like a veil preventing us from seeing Reality as it is. When we have erroneous vision, we believe that visible life comes from our minds and eyes, but that is not true.
Reality is as you see it now and it is in this sense that there is neither good nor bad, just Him. The One Being gives you life so that you can perceive what is manifested by His Word. The Word is therefore the visible manifestation of <<< I am >>.
Do you now understand why there have never been miracles and that everything is also possible to the one who believes? It is only a teaching contrary to that of Reality that has ensured that you are in the state you are in now.
By attaching yourself to the science and philosophy of man, you have forgotten the One who says <<<I am>> to worship nature and the visible elements of the world.
By creating an imagined mind for yourself, you create by imagination another (fictional) being, thus masking the One by whom everything appeared. If this speech seems absurd to the majority, it is because you have been lied to since your early childhood. Billions of people dream their lives in this world and the world destroys itself one by one.

Are you feeling the anguish of people through their masks, apparently everything seems to be fine, but it is obvious that the world is taking more and more drugs to forget the state in which the world is in, is that we are in a world submerged in darkness, to the point that people believe they live in a wonderful time!
This intelligence that Eve thought she had acquired (see book of Genesis in the Bible) is in fact a drug that makes you see everything wrong, as if you had been put a bag over your head.
It is the ultimate Evil that you must get rid of to become a child again and have a true vision of things.
Today, modern civilization is organized and experts and teachers encourage you all to become intelligent and you realize in the world. Thus, the more intelligent you are according to the world, the higher you are and the further you are from Reality. Antichrists do not want to return to Reality and they are an obstacle to all those who want to return, because in Reality it is the ultimate freedom and in this world of work the wealthiest want to enslave you to fill their chest and make a world work in two stages: buy and sell. It is also revealing that the smallest are abused in every possible way, their predators are an obstacle to them since for them their victims belong to them selfishly.
As soon as we approach the subject of God, there is an immediate appearance of experts, scientists, historians, intellectuals, hardened laymen, all eager to explain the nature of life and the universe. It is these grown-ups who are vomiting their theories into the media and the Internet.
There is only <<<I am>> that can save you from this time of great distress. It is not necessary to make yourself sick, little children, it is enough to hand everything over to Him, it is enough for you to change your vision of things and return to Reality.
Did you invoke it? If so, let him open your eyes to the new world, that is, to the right vision.
In such a situation why then can the Word of <<< I am>> expressed in the form of the Eastern Chán be useful to you? It is because Chán doctrine refers to Reality directly in the simplest form possible. The direct designation of Reality is a more abrupt, but highly effective means.
No need to be disturbed by false believers who will tell you: Buddhism comes from Satan because it reject the notion of the word God.
Buddhism does not reject God, it is names and concepts that are rejected. God is a name, that's all, it's not Reality.
Second, God is everyone's Father.
Jesus tells you the same thing as Buddha and the Patriarchs of Chán tell you the same thing. Your <<<me>> is not real and there is only one being, it is Unique.
One only has to read carefully the story of Jesus, Buddha and all the saints in the East and in the West to see that they have all followed the instructions of the path that <<I am>> showing them. These people, having the right vision of things, spent their time explaining texts using clever means to bring back to Reality those individuals lost in lies.
The Chán tradition comes from the Buddhist-Taoism mixture (India and China), this mixture brings a clear and direct expression of Reality in this time darkened by a thick darkness. Apart from Bodhidharma and Hui-k’o, there have been other masters of this doctrine. Let yourself be guided by Master Huangbo and his disciple Linji.
“Followers of the Way, true sincerity is extremely difficult to attain, and the buddhadharma is deep and mysterious, yet a goodly measure of understanding can be acquired. I explain it exhaustively all day long, but you students give not the slightest heed. Though a thousand times, nay ten thousand times, you tread it underfoot, you are still in utter darkness. It is without a vestige of form, yet is clear in its solitary shining. “Because your faith in yourselves is insufficient, you students turn to words and phrases and base your understanding upon them. Until you’ve reached the half-century mark you continue dragging your dead bodies up blind alleys and running about the world bearing your heavy load. The day will come when you’ll have to pay up for the straw sandals you’ve worn out.”
The Record of Linji, translation and commentary by Ruth Fuller Sasaki, edited by Yuho Kirchner, E-book ISBN 978-0-8248-2821-9, Paperback ISBN 978-0-8248-3319-0, p.1007-1015, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


“I say to you there is no buddha, no dharma, nothing to practice, nothing to enlighten to. Just what are you seeking in the highways and byways? Blind men! You’re putting a head on top of the one you already have. What do you yourselves lack? Followers of the Way, your own present activities do not differ from those of the patriarch-buddhas. You just don’t believe this and keep on seeking outside. Make no mistake! Outside there is no dharma; inside, there is nothing to be obtained. Better than grasp at the words from my mouth, take it easy and do nothing. Don’t continue thoughts that have already arisen and don’t let those that haven’t yet arisen be aroused. Just this will be worth far more to you than a ten years’ pilgrimage.
The Record of Linji, translation and commentary by Ruth Fuller Sasaki, edited by Yuho Kirchner, E-book ISBN 978-0-8248-2821-9, Paperback ISBN 978-0-8248-3319-0, p.966-974, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


“Virtuous monks, when I state that there are no dharmas outside, the student does not comprehend and immediately tries to find understanding within. He sits down cross-legged with his back against a wall, his tongue glued to the roof of his mouth, completely still and motionless. This he takes to be the buddhadharma of the patriarchal school. That’s all wrong. “If you take the state of motionlessness and purity to be correct, then you are recognizing the darkness of avidyā as master. This is what a man of old meant when he said, “Fearful indeed is the bottomless black pit!
The Record of Linji, translation and commentary by Ruth Fuller Sasaki, edited by Yuho Kirchner, E-book ISBN 978-0-8248-2821-9, Paperback ISBN 978-0-8248-3319-0, p.1015, E-Book available in the KINDLE application

Note: Avidyā is a Sanskrit word meaning Ignorance (Satan in Christianity)


“Give up those erroneous thoughts that lead to false distinctions! There is no <<me>> and no << others>>. There is no bad desire, no anger, no hate, no love, no victory, no failure. Renounce the error of attaching yourself to the processes of intellectual (conceptual) thought, and your nature will show its primary purity - for only then is it the way to enlightenment, to observe the Dharma (The Law), to become a Buddha, etc. Failure to understand this, all your great knowledge, your painful efforts to advance, your austerity of food and clothing will not help you to know your own Spirit.”
Huangbo extract, « Tch’an (Zen) Racines et floraisons » (Hermès 4, Les Deux Océans, Paris, 1985) ─In French only─, p.224, Translated into English here

Note: Spirit = Reality


“Also, the Buddha came to this world to empty the toilet jars, to <<<evacuate the excrement from the puns>>, simply to make you renounce what you have studied of the mind and what you have seen there. Completely rid of all this, you will no longer be able to fall into puns. This <<<evacuation of excrement>> that I mentioned makes no sense other than to urge you not to produce thoughts, because when you do not produce any thoughts, you naturally come to great wisdom, which does not discriminate at all between the Buddha and living beings, because it does not establish any discrimination.
Huangbo extract, « Les Entretiens de Houang-po ». (Les Deux Océans, Paris, 1985), p.132-133 ─In French only─ Translated into English here


“The Spirit is filled with radiant clarity; therefore, reject the darkness of your old concepts. Tch'ing Ming says: <<< Get rid of everything >> The sentence of the Lotus Sūtra about a good twenty years spent clearing manure symbolizes the need to drive away from your mind everything that tends to form useless concepts. In another passage, the same sūtra identifies the pile of manure that must be carried away with metaphysics and sophistry. Thus, the <<<Matrix of Tathāgatas >> is intrinsically a void and silence containing no individualized dharma of any kind.
Huangbo extract, « Tch’an (Zen) Racines et floraisons » (Hermès 4, Les Deux Océans, Paris, 1985) ─In French only─, p.225, Translated into English here

Tathāgata = "one who has thus come" (tathā-āgata)

Has thus come (Tathāgata) means that Reality is as it is. Your nature is pure and everything is pure for the pure.
What defiles (the state of error) is a bad vision of things. This poor vision is transmitted through the teaching of men. Human education has evolved over time into what is now known as school education.
Since human tradition is provided free or at low cost throughout the world, everyone is plunged into error. By living in the dark, you get used to it and finally believe that darkness is light.
There was a time when the Word of <<<I am>> was understandable in both East and West and if today it is so difficult to understand it is because these two testimonies (Buddhism and Christianity) have been recovered by the intellectual elites of our civilization. The Word has been blurred and falsified by people who believe they are intelligent, thus preventing the return to Reality for all those who desire it.
Human education is like a huge veil of thick darkness spread all over the world.


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