Reality being malignantly hidden in the darkness of the world by doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4:1-2) and unnatural conditioning, a war is occurring in Heaven as it was two thousand years ago (Revelation 12:7-11).

The Lamb and his army (Revelation 19:11-16) fight evil so that all those who proclaim lies and love injustice are excluded from salvation, but for those who love God and practice the Truth with a sincere heart, a chance is given to them to be saved to live in peace in the bosom of the Spirit for eternity and for ever and ever.
Thus, glory for eternity to Him who says: “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.”
Revelation 22:12-15 ─ King James Bible KJV


“And he said unto me, These sayings are faithful and true: and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel to shew unto his servants the things which must shortly be done.
Revelation 22:6 ─ King James Bible KJV

This war proclaimed by the King (Revelation 20:11) is repeated a second and last time and the ultimate weapon is the Word of Christ (Revelation 19:21) sharpened like a double-edged sword. Evil will dissipate and disappear forever in a purifying fire since the ancient Wisdom, the Word, is like a very precious stone shining brightly (Wisdom 6:12) to disperse every dark cloud so that only the Light is visible to all nations from east to west and from north to south.
So, message to all eagles: “Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.”
Revelation 19:17-18 and Luke 13:29 ─ King James Bible KJV


“And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last.”
Luke 13:30 ─ King James Bible KJV

So, for the last ones who want to become first, just read the Word of the Son of Man in the «The Sign of the Son of Man, opening of the first six seals, Book ISBN: 978-2-35485-189-7, E-Book ISBN: 978-235485-405-8 «─In French only─to eat properly, otherwise you will never have the level necessary to enter the Kingdom.

Finally, to help you, here is my testimony in connection with the opening of the seventh seal by Zerubbabel since when the Lamb opens a seal there is always its effect and as the seventh is the last one it is urgent, because when the 7 trumpets sound how could you calmly return to Reality?  Waiting for destruction and death is madness. The chosen ones must wake up now. It is time for the great gathering, leave everything behind (Luke 9:23-26) and follow the Lamb of God urgently (John 1:35-37). ─ King James Bible KJV


Thus, this year of 2018 is a holy year since the Lamb announces the Jubilee to us.
So, in this time of grace give by God to the chosen ones, it is the opportunity to wash your robes and enter through the gates of the new world, that is, to return to Reality for all those who desire it. Any bad guys stopping you? Let the Spirit act and trust Him. Remember his covenant and what he did in Egypt to save his people.
Eat, that is, take the time to read what the machination of evil consists of, how it has organized itself and how it will end up in a fire that does not go out. Enjoy, savour the Truth and it will free you, but woe to all those who neglect it because it will crush and crush you (Luke 20:17-19).
Take my dearly beloved warnings very seriously and do not hasten the day of Yahweh since it is dark and terrifying (Amos 5:18-20), but seek the truth, that light, your original nature that makes you children of God.
Listen to me and pay attention. A conditioning by teaching rooted in Evil fictitiously separates Man and Woman from the Spirit. The Word of the Spirit calls for Reality, but people no longer want to hear anything because they prefer to invent a fictitious mind - the mask, the <<<myself>>- from ideas selected in the lies of the night, by turning away from Reality (1 Timothy 1:6-7) and surrounding themselves with a large number of teachers (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

School conditioning aim at rejecting God and forging your ego (spirit of error) so that you commit suicide spiritually by fictively detaching yourself from Reality. Thus, in this world of conditioned people we see only hallucinated people, eating, drinking, buying, selling, taking wives and husbands (Luke 17:26-30) since they are no longer able to grasp the true nature of Reality, but are led only by their passions, they all break their heads by taking the water of a mirage for real water and they indulge in their hallucination to the point of being evil and even dangerous when they hear the speeches of the Real (Luke 21:12-19).
“It is they who cause division, who live according to nature and do not possess the Spirit.”
Jude 1,19 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


What ensures protection and respect for all troublemakers is the organized system of modern civilization (Great Babylon). This civilization is now very well organized and perpetuates itself over time through the transmission of its founding culture to all the inhabitants of the earth. Since people are all conditioned from their early childhood, they no longer realize that they have become nothing more than working machines, slaves to their own desires and ideals and that it is in this way - always seeking to satisfy their fantasies - that they distance themselves from Reality. The return to Reality is already outdated for most of them since they have overdosed on the fruit of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:16-17).
Evil is so well organized that no one has noticed that the greatest danger to their lives lies in their education, the one transmitted free or at low cost in Great Babylon.
“It compelled everyone -- small and great alike, rich and poor, slave and citizen -- to be branded on the right hand or on the forehead, and made it illegal for anyone to buy or sell anything unless he had been branded with the name of the beast or with the number of its name.”
Revelation 13:16-17 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


The number of his name = 666.
The word TRADITION in ancient Greek is written: παραδοσις (Paradosis). When using the numerical correspondence of the letters of this alphabet for the word Paradosis, the addition of the values of each of the letters of the word gives in order:
παραδοσις = 80+1+100+1+1+4+70+200+10+200... 666!
Source: << The Sign of the Son of Man >>, Book ISBN: 978-2-35485-189-7, E-Book ISBN: 978-235485-405-8


Those who buy and sell have therefore been conditioned by TRADITION of men! This TRADITION is now being delivered free of charge to schools and the media. This TRADITON is therefore a CULTURE TRANSMITTED TO THE WHOLE WORLD.
“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the TRADITION OF MEN, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”
Colossians 2:8 ─ King James Bible (KJV)

The proof of this revelation is that in our modern era conditioned people spend their whole lives seeking to improve their lot, by perfecting themselves, by seeking diplomas in schools. The diploma is only a certificate signed 666 proving a conditioning contrary to that of God, whether the mark is manual or intellectual.
The children of the world are taken care of immediately to ensure their conditioning in order to become idolatrous consumers tattooed with 666. Adults conditioned and obsessed by their dark hallucination from which there are an infinite number of false ideas (1+7 impure spirits in their homes, Matthew 12:43-45) hasten to send their children to be shaped in turn for the good of humanity. Yet this world is absurd and unjust since living in it is buying and selling so that only the most deserving (receptive to false teaching) can fully enjoy it at the expense of the smallest.
Admit it, you have never learned to breathe, your heart beats without intervention and all your organs function in perfect harmony, the sky, the earth, the waters fulfil all their functions, but man distorts, transforms and destroys himself while inventing a teaching, ideas, ideals, to change everything and here today is the result:
“Ravaged, ravaged the earth will be, despoiled, despoiled, for Yahweh has uttered this word. The earth is mourning, pining away, the pick of earth's people are withering away. The earth is defiled by the feet of its inhabitants, for they have transgressed the laws, violated the decree, broken the everlasting covenant.”
Isaiah 24:3-5 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


“You put aside the commandment of God to observe human traditions.”
Mark 7:8 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


So choose the right passport for the right trip. THE TRADITION OF MEN = DEATH, THE WORD OF CHRIST = ETERNAL LIFE.
Now that the truth is written on the lines thanks to the opening of the seventh seal, your judgment will be your final judgment.
The laity say that it is not possible to imagine a world without education. I agree since the world is the Fall and to maintain the lie (the Fall), we need an education to condition the world otherwise everything disappears and that is the reason for education and schools.
The majority do not want to hand everything over to God and define themselves on the basis of an education contrary to that of God and invented from scratch so that their <<<me >> does not vanish.
So, whether you are small or great, in the darkness of the world people run here and there, seeking and dreaming of improving their lives to make them better, but never realizing that the cause of evil is only hallucinatory, a bad vision of things learned by teaching, a malignant proposal made by the ancient serpent (Genesis 3:4-5).
There is no other way out of a dream than to wake up and return to Reality.
Today, in this great tribulation of the modern era (Matthew 24:21), the dream lies in the teaching you have received. This teaching contrary to God's has stained your white robe (your original nature) and to become a virgin again you must renounce - in spirit and truth (John 4:23-24) - the false teaching you have received. Since the union between God and his people is represented in the Bible by marriage, you must reject the adulterous woman (false teaching) with whom you defile yourself to become pure again since you are already pure, but you no longer realize it because a false conditioning masks Reality.
The meaning of dream is to perceive things within the Spirit as real entities (idolatry or prostitution), including yourself and the way you perceive yourself. Evil having evolved over time, only the End of the World (the end of conditioning by destroying Civilization) can save a handful of people not completely contaminated by the intelligence that Eve wanted to acquire (Genesis 3:6).

This intelligence is that of the Evil One (lie), the one that is learned, because the intelligence that is learned is only illusory like a mirage and it must be maintained with its lies and images in memory for fear of escaping. Thus, in chapter 3 of Genesis we explain the origin of the hallucination of the <<< me >> and its artificial intelligence. Indeed, it was from the first thoughts of mistakes that Eve and her husband realized that they were naked. Indeed, they were afraid to present themselves naked before the Spirit (hallucinatory symptoms) and made loincloths to hide their nudity (Genesis 3:7) and this is how the foundation of the world (the Fall) and those of the spirits began.
The world is a dress, a make-up, a veil masking Reality. The return to Reality is nakedness, that is, the Man and Woman without spirit, without <<< me >>, since God is the Spirit (John 4:24) and he is Alone (Galatians 3:20).

Contrary to the dream, in Heaven (Reality), the Intelligence of the Spirit illuminates every virgin child - virgin of spirit or <<me>>-, this virginity is the white dress, it is the elected children white as paper where we can write the Word of the Spirit.
“These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb. And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.”
Revelation 14:4-5 ─ King James Bible KJV

What dirties is therefore the lie and not the bodily dirt. Then anyone can reach Salvation and the little ones are luckier because they have nothing to hold on to. A prostitute or a homeless person could therefore reach the Kingdom (the right vision) long before a priest, who being attached to religious traditions has difficulty understanding Jesus' speech - taking it in the first degree -, like Nicodemus (John 3:1-21) who was a doctor -smart according to the world - of the Law supposed to know all his things.
Attachment, whether secular or religious, remains an attachment to a distorted vision of Reality. The so-called human or rational intelligence, whether it is of a secular or religious nature, is therefore the beam that you must remove to see clearly and that the higher your level of education, the wider your beam is.
Faith is therefore your ability to leave everything spiritually and snuggle into the hands of the Father as a little child (Luke 18:16-17).

What I am explaining here is very easy to understand since there is precisely nothing to understand, but what makes things complicated for your salvation (detachment from the vision of good and evil) are your erroneous thoughts (Genesis 3:6) now offered in industrial quantities and free of charge by conditioning in schools. These thoughts suggest that you reject Jesus' speech since you doubt about how the majority could be wrong. It is enough to follow the prophecy in the Bible and see that very few will understand that there is actually nothing to understand since Salvation is first and foremost a matter of love (John 17:25-26) or hatred towards the Word of God.
God's love is like a bridge between darkness and light. If explanations are needed, it is only to help you detach yourself from the various misconceptions holding you back from this world, because your homes are now invaded by 1+7 impure spirits (infinity, see Matthew 12:43-45) and you must be able to target as many misconceptions as possible by classifying them by broad category (desire, hate, anger, for example) and breaking them definitively so that you are no longer in danger later.
In fact, the goal is not to drive away thoughts, but rather to make them harmless as Jesus did in the desert (Matthew 4:1-11). We must let thoughts flow without attaching ourselves to them and without driving them away, in this way Satan (Ignorance of Reality) will become harmless against you.
The only command before the Fall:
“Then Yahweh God gave the man this command, 'You are free to eat of all the trees in the garden. But of the tree of the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL you are not to eat; for, the day you eat of that, YOU ARE DOOMED TO DIE.”
Genesis 2:16-17 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)

The death of which Yahweh speaks here is an artificial death by hallucination (not real) due to the knowledge of good and evil. In Buddhism we speak of duality, which means the same thing.
After the Fall, the most important commandment was and still is:
“You must love Yahweh your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength.”
Deuteronomy 6:5
Why is that so? This is because the Spirit is alone (John 4:24 and Galatians 3:20) and the Spirit must use your poor vision of things (your <<me>> <<mind>> or <<soul>>) to make you understand that by thinking only of Him you have a much better chance of making your <<me>> disappear and return to Reality.
All other commandments are only prescription for those hallucinating a <<me>> and producing misconceptions with the acts coming with them. The acts -karma- of the hallucinates spread evil out of illegality - seeing things in good and evil. The seriousness of sins (errors) depends on the importance of the evil they spread. For example, murder or infidelity can lead many people out of Reality by hallucination due to their intense emotions because of the serious consequences of the offending person.
Thus, the second most important commandment is this one:
“You will not exact vengeance on, or bear any sort of grudge against, the members of your race, but will love your neighbour as yourself. I am Yahweh.”
Leviticus 19,18 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


People would not hurt themselves if they were all back to Reality, because in Reality there is no good or bad, all are good to beat because there is no room for the production of acts in good or in evil. The only good is to awaken people to return to this right vision of things, this primitive nakedness.
Don't you understand it yet? Is not Reason enough to awaken you? In this case, let yourself be struck with a rod by a few oriental words, perhaps they will wake you up.
“Among all the students from every quarter who are followers of the Way, none has yet come before me without being dependent on something. Here I hit them right from the start. If they come forth using their hands, I hit them on the hands; if they come forth using their mouths, I hit them on the mouth; if they come forth using their eyes, I hit them on the eyes. Not one has yet come before me in solitary freedom. All are clambering after the worthless contrivances of the men of old. As for myself, I haven’t a single dharma to give to people. ALL I CAN DO IS TO CURE ILLNESSES AND UNTIE BONDS. You followers of the Way from every quarter, try coming before me without being dependent upon things. I would confer with you. Five years, nay ten years, have passed, but as yet not one person has appeared. All have been ghosts dependent upon grasses or attached to leaves, souls of bamboos and trees, wild fox-spirits. They recklessly gnaw on all kinds of dung clods. Blind fools! Wastefully squandering the alms given them by believers everywhere and saying, << I am a renouncer of home >>, all the while holding such views as these!”
The Record of Linji, translation and commentary by Ruth Fuller Sasaki, edited by Yuho Kirchner, E-book ISBN 978-0-8248-2821-9, Paperback ISBN 978-0-8248-3319-0, p.959-966, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


That's it, I'm not trying to make myself known or make friends here because there's not a subject (a <<myself>>), but rather a speech. I beat your <<me>> so that you forget it and regain the right sight. Thus, my friends and family are all those who have the right view, those whose concern is the will of Yahweh << I am>>.
The will of the Spirit is that the chosen ones awaken from their hallucination.
Let yourself be guided by the Spirit and not by the billions of hallucinated false spirits spread throughout the world like dried straw. Also, this discourse does not aim to stir up the hatred of the wicked of this world since rebel culture is just another form of culture, no matter how it is expressed. The only Way is the middle way, the very narrow path leading to the narrow door, the Word of Christ. We must not lean to the left or to the right, since any opposition is only a hallucination of the knowledge of good and evil.
The endless speeches and debates are for those who enjoy hallucinating entities as real within the very heart of the Spirit. These people frozen hard as nails in their opinions are blind people thinking they can see clearly and their weapons are their school conditioning from which they explain everything, but which is nothing but a well-crafted lie and it is this shit as Huangbo would say that you have to evacuate to become clean again. Yet we don't hesitate to spit this shit in your face through the media and on the Internet.
Children are born, that is, they open themselves to this distorted vision of Reality as soon as they come into the world:
“Like a maggot when newborn, the human being is as if awakened from sleep; form becomes visible by means of the eye, development proceeds from performance. With a combination of the palate, lips, and oral cavity, conceived by mental construction, human speech issues like that of a parrot, by false imagination”
Emplacement 3868, The Lankavatara Sutra, Translated by Thomas Cleary, E-Book available in the KINDLE application

“Also, the Buddha came to this world to empty the toilet jars, to <<evacuate the excrement from the puns>>, simply to make you renounce what you have studied of the mind and what you have seen there. Completely rid of all this, you can no longer fall into puns. This <<evacuation of excrement>> that I mentioned makes no sense other than to urge you not to produce thoughts, because when you do not produce any thoughts, you naturally come to great wisdom, which does not discriminate at all between the Buddha and living beings, because it does not establish any discrimination.”
Translation into English of an excerpt from the book "Les Entretiens de Houang-po", Les Deux Océans, Paris, 1985, p.132-133


So here is a little reminder of what this speech is all about:
“instruction is likewise taught differently without deviation; What is instruction for one is not instruction for another.”
Emplacement 791, The Lankavatara Sutra, Translated by Thomas Cleary, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


“Just as one administers medicine for each particular illness, So do Buddhas tell people of mind alone.”
Emplacement 791, The Lankavatara Sutra, Translated by Thomas Cleary, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


“As a painter or painter’s apprentice would apply colors for a picture, so do I teach. The picture is not found in the color, or the background, or the object represented: It is for the purpose of attracting people that a picture is formed with colors. Instruction is off the mark; truth is apart from words.”
Emplacement 779, The Lankavatara Sutra, Translated by Thomas Cleary, E-Book available in the KINDLE application


“The Jews were astonished and said, 'How did he learn to read? He has not been educated.' Jesus answered them: 'My teaching is not from myself: it comes from the one who sent me; anyone who is prepared to do his will, will know whether my teaching is from God or whether I speak on my own account.”
John 7:15-17 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


“It is the SPIRIT that gives life, the flesh has nothing to offer. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.”
John 6:63 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)

This world being filled with untruth, you must be careful, dear chosen ones, and no longer let yourselves be diverted from the Way by all those who want the Truth to be hidden, for I tell you, Evil is organized in order to kill you all spiritually, but the Spirit will overcome the Evil One by the sword coming out of his mouth and he will throw the Evil One into the burning fire. Be brave and put on the armor of justice, the helmet of Salvation and the sharp sword of Truth and no longer let the Evil One and his gang of moralists fool you.
The return to square zero, that of the uneducated little child, is the only chance for you to return to Reality, where there is the true Intelligence that the Spirit gives to all those he loves.
Do you now understand Jesus' exhortation to become like little children again? Do not be afraid and rely entirely on the Father who provides for all your needs since idolatry is to rely on artificial intelligence plunging you into a world of death. The good news is that you still have the chance to enjoy the life that Adam and Eve had before the Fall. The return to Reality therefore depends on your love for the Spirit, are you ready to give up everything for the one who says he calls himself <<<I am>>?
Know that the antichrists lead this world and tell you how to live, they are the ones from which it was written two thousand years ago.
2 Thessalonians 2:7-12; 1 Timothy 4:1-5; 1 John 4:1-6; 2 Peter 2:1-22

Be careful, dear chosen ones, since they do not have a healthy sight and they absolutely want to lead you into an illusory world so that you spend all your time eating, drinking, buying and selling, taking a wife and husband (Luke 17:26-30) and that in your occupations (Luke 17:33) you forget the Spirit, our beloved Father.
For them, life means seizing it and abusing everything we see, it is a world of pleasure and satisfaction of all the desires of the <<myself>> at the expense of others>>, for them it is the light. There is a typical sentence for these people: << we only have one life to live! >> They indulge in hallucination like drug addicts who cannot get out of their addiction by dragging people who are not well established in Christ into their decline.
Like passionate beasts they submit to the laws of Nature, they say, but no one hastened to know where the laws of Nature and Science came from. Indeed, if the majority of hallucinated people do not take their time to look for the origin and the reason why the cause of evil in the world is because they are complacent in it and no longer want to leave the dream.
Jesus knew that all human desires are only hallucinations and that the time allotted to humans should be invested in order to recover the right view of things, especially since today the consequence of the Fall is dramatic since the world is plunging straight into the second death, that of all <<me>> hallucinated in this worldly reverie, into a fire that never goes out.
Follow the news and you will see that the kings (Revelation 17:12-14) of the 10 greatest world powers organize, by their decisions, the third and last world war so that the prophecy of the End can be fulfilled (Revelation 17:16-17). They too are working hard to work on a major gathering, that of total war.
The common people in search of pleasure are weak and impressionable and they followed the vision, which has their sight was the most seductive (Revelation 13:8).
This vision is that of the Beast rising from the sea (Revelation 13), a vision defended by the intellectual elites and the rich of the modern world, but desperate for the poor and the smallest. This vision is only an ancient culture recovered (resurrected, Revelation 13:3-4) after the thousand years of Christ's reign and exposed to the whole world, now transmitted to all children in schools in order to reject the Spirit. It is therefore the apostasy announced more than two thousand years ago (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12).

The Beast rising from the Mediterranean Sea is ancient Greece (visibly), but what hurts is its culture (the invisible) which spread throughout the world to eventually evolve over time, crushing the whole earth (Daniel 7:23) and becoming the modern Civilization of today, this Great Babylon sitting on the Beast, that is, sitting on the basis of the culture of ancient Greece (Revelation 17).
Unlike other nations, the culture of ancient Greece eventually seduced first of all the people chosen by God (the Jews of antiquity), its Church and finally spread throughout the whole world. Astronomy, politics, philosophy, rhetoric, the arts, competition, the Olympic Games, the representation of bodies, sexual debauchery, idolatry of all kinds, all this was carried by the culture of ancient Greece.
So, to fully understand how this culture became invasive and threatening to salvation, you only have to open your Bible, read the book of Maccabees tracing the ancient history of the last Jewish armed resistance against the cultural invasion of Greece and also Daniel's prophecy about the Beast rising from the Mediterranean Sea (ancient Greece) and the other nations before it who tried to impose their visions and cultures, but failed.
Thus, the war in the Spirit is therefore a war against the culture of the Beast so that the chosen ones forget what they have learned so that they can return to Reality. Jesus had already wounded to death the culture of Greece (see Revelation 13:3), but unlike the culture of other nations, it was recovered and worshipped by the whole world (Revelation 13:3-8).

The chosen ones must get rid of all false beliefs, whether they are secular or religious, considered holy or vulgar, no matter what ideas they have created, they are all silk threads to weave their own cocoon preventing them from seeing the light of Reality, all this comes from the conditioning they have received and the convictions they have subsequently created from their <<me>>. Their <<myself>> being much more difficult to get rid of than concepts, it will take for them a whole faith, that is to say, an absolute trust in the Spirit and no compromise or it is the second death: the hell of fire, where there will be tears and gnashing of teeth.
Two thousand years ago, Jesus came to visit the Jewish people, but during his visit the people chosen to fight evil were already heavily contaminated by the idolatrous culture of the Greeks. The intervention of the Maccabees was a distant memory since the soul of Greece being its culture and teaching could not be destroyed by weapons, but only by God's teaching. However, God succeeded in wounding the Greek culture to death by His Word, this reign lasted a thousand years, it was the reign of a thousand years, that of Christ, it is an episode of the true history of Salvation, but that you are not spoken to at school since we are in the world of antichrists.
The first millennium of the so-called Christian era was that of the reign of Christ, that is, the reign of the Word in the world (Revelation 12:7-11), which was assimilated by people and understood in both East and West, many came to the resurrection, the first (Revelation 20:4-6).
What happened next was predicted in Revelation of John. Indeed, after the reign of a thousand years, Satan, the Dragon (the Ignorance of the Spirit) is released (Revelation 20:7-8 and 20:3 -unbound for a short time-) and resurrects the culture of ancient Greece (the healed wound of Revelation 13:3 and 13:14) to found modern Civilization (Revelation 13:3-8).
How has this culture been recovered and why then has the Church not stopped the spread of this idolatrous culture?
The answer to this is that the idolatrous culture of the Greeks was recovered and malignantly injected into the very heart of the Church by the first pope! In 999 A.D., at the end of Christ's thousand-year reign, Pope Sylvester II, known as "Scholar Gerbert", a passionate follower of Greek idolatry, mixed Greek philosophy with God's teaching. If a character could play the role of Satan (Ignorance of the Spirit), it is that one.
It is no longer enough to ask why the Catholic Church today specializes in morality (evil), idolatrous cults, the cult of the mother goddess, Mary. Idolatry is at its height in churches as Greek culture has mixed in the very heart of the Church.
Source :

When Sylvester II injected Evil into the Church, it took time - the Renaissance - for modern Civilization to be formed and it was at the end of the nineteenth century that it became mature, the modern scientific and industrial era. It is at this moment that the Beast rising from the earth made its appearance (Revelation 13:11-18), this new Beast is Science, it makes signs to bring fire from heaven (nuclear bombs) down to the earth before men (Revelation 13:13) and it makes an image to the first Beast (culture of ancient Greece) so that Greek culture, its lifestyle and idolatry are conveyed in schools, in the media on your TV sets, on the Internet and your mobiles... (see Revelation 13:14-18)
As I told you before, this culture is the TRADITION OF MEN (666). Greek culture is the one that has been chosen by the world as the best hallucinatory vision, as a drug.
Today the Beast rising from the earth (Science) is dominant (2 horns - symbol of power - Revelation 13:11, similar to a lamb - gives itself a benevolent image - and speaks like a dragon - with authority -), everyone respects his vision to the point that many question that everything appeared by the Word of the Spirit. The majority would rather believe that we live on the monkey planet and that everything was created by the Big Bang. The worst part is that the Spirit is blasphemed, because scientists (false prophets who bring fire from heaven to earth) make people believe that they all have a spirit (a <<me>>) that can absorb culture like a sponge and that life is earned according to the level of the intellect you possess. All this is a diabolical lie.
The whole world is fascinated by modern Civilization because like never before since the emergence of Science, technical-scientific miracles dazzle people on the world stage, making any desire possible by solidifying everyone's <<me>>. Satan (Ignorance of the Spirit), the Beast rising from the sea (culture of ancient Greece) and the Beast rising from the earth (Science), this infernal trio makes a great magic show all over the world. Moreover, with the emergence of the Internet and new technologies, people are more than ever absorbed in a hellish mirage.
The whole world is absorbed in front of their computer monitors, smart phones or televisions. What is being conveyed through all these screens? Well, it's the culture of the resurrected ancient Greece (culture and way of life), idols, Olympic Games, competition, representation of bodies, fashion, dumb shows, etc. In addition, in the media there are scientific documentaries on many subjects so that the whole world believes in the Beast rising from the earth (Science) and rejects the Spirit (God).
The Holy Bible, where all the writings of the saints are found, is rejected and all false prophets (scientists) are listened to with respect since they bring fire from heaven to earth before men and they do not hesitate to make their own interpretation of the Bible, falsifying the true Word so that lies (through worldly culture) prevail.
The modern technical-scientific era also comes with schools so that the whole earth is conditioned to see the world as the Greeks did.


The ultimate goal of schools =
conditioned the little children to apostasize (reject the Spirit) and become idolaters driving the world economy.

Hence the feeling of exploitation by young people who want to rebel against the system, but the only way out of this vicious circle is through the Word of Christ.
Also, the rebels still fall for the system by being seduced by their lust, the number of traps being infinite in modern civilization. Once their conditioning is over, people ruin their lives by fortifying their <<me>>, no matter what their visions and ideas are, they are all false and take them away from Reality, from the one who says <<I am>>.
Various sects have been created as well as divisions all from worldly conditioning, such as politics, environmentalists, human rights defenders, intellectuals, rebels.
Discussions rage in the media where opinions are shared on the notion of the <<myself>> and <<of others>> and/or the straw in his brother's eye is criticized and yet the whole world has a beam in its eye or its head in its bag, it is dark and the whole world is hallucinating visions.
God no longer exists, say the hallucinated, but we give glory to the idols of the Olympic Games, sports, the great artists and intellectuals of this world, scientists (the false prophets).
Yet it has been written that all that is great is an abomination in the eyes of God. For the billions of invented spirits, no one can open the sealed book of seven seals (The Bible) anymore, this book having the keys to erase your spirit (your <<me>>) and find the Holy Spirit.
Also, for those who still care about the truth, they no longer know what they are doing. Having all been conditioned by an idolatrous culture from their earliest childhood, they mix God's teaching with the culture learned in school. Billions of people on earth invent a tailor-made spirit based on the culture learned in school, the traditions transmitted by their people, the various influences of their surroundings, the desires and finally by their own conviction coming from their <<me>>.
From there comes variety since the lie is varied, but the Truth is the Rock, implacable, unbreakable, it is the Reality from which you must return to be saved, no compromise is possible, who is not with me is against me said Jesus (Luke 11:23).

The feeling of living in a masked ball is therefore normal for those who are called to return to Reality since there is nothing true in lying, everything is vanity, only Reality can show you the way out of this diabolical mirage.
Also, beware of sects claiming to hold hidden truths. The mysteries come from ignorance since in reality there are no more mysteries, but many sects have risen to make money on Christ's back since he drove them out of the Temple (Matthew 21:12-13).
There are also sects offering false theories for free. An example among many others, the New Age current, a collection of beliefs to mislead people who are not well established.
Get away from all these sects, you the chosen ones, they are only theoretical and visual pornography and the Spirit does not like that.
It is to bear witness to the truth that the Lamb, the Son of Man, has come today. In his book «The Sign of the Son of Man, opening of the first six seals, Book ISBN: 978-2-35485-189-7, E-Book ISBN: 978-235485-405-8 «─In French only─, Zerubbabel plays the role of the second olive tree standing beside the Lord of the whole earth.
He testifies to what he has seen, namely that the Buddhist-Taoist witness of the East is a second witness to the Truth that we all already know, the witness of the west of the Indus, the witness of Jesus Christ who came two thousand years ago that we know today in the form of Christianity.
The two testimonies are like two visible corpses, not buried and lying in the public square -Modern Civilization. In concrete terms, this means that the two witnesses, the two types of teaching of the Word to inject respectively in the East and West of the Indus are still available in the world, but have been distorted (blurring the authentic message) and locked by antichrists, like the Bible, which is said to be sealed with seven seals.
The worst thing about all this is that no one notices it anymore because no one is worthy to open the book in the right hand of God (The Bible), the same is true for the witness of the Word east of the Indus, whether for Buddhism, Taoism, Chan, no one understands the message behind these different types of methods of returning to Reality.
Has this end-time scenario been described in the Bible? Yes, of course, John testified to this scenario in a vision transcribed in the book of revelation (Revelation). It is in Chapter 11 - the two witnesses - that John addresses the subject, immediately after Chapter 10 where the little book (the prophecy given to John by Jesus) was discussed.
Since Jesus had to return at the end of time under a new name and this has now been done, chapter 11 of John's apocalypse is now understandable since the Son of Man had to reveal the mystery hidden behind this revelation since it also addresses the mysteries of the East, not just the West.
“because the coming of the Son of man will be like lightning striking in the east and flashing far into the west.”
Matthew 24:27 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)

At the end of time, the Son of Man (the return of Jesus under a new name) comes into the world to remove the 7 seals of the Bible, but also to unveil (unlock) the Eastern witness of the Word to present it in the West. He therefore takes from the East to bring it to the West. Just as lightning means the speed of its intervention, an intervention as fast as possible with the Internet (the cloud).
“And then they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand erect, hold your heads high, because your liberation is near at hand.”
Luke 21,27-28 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


The Internet allows this instant appearance where people can see the Son of Man in the East as well as in the West.
Definition of the cloud, the symbolic cloud of the Internet:
To set ourselves in the context of the two witnesses of chapter 11 of Revelation of John, the Son of Man, Zerubbabel, in his chapter << the two witnesses >>, opening of the seventh seal, explains to us the mystery of the eastern and western injections of the Word in addition to the mysterious passage from chapter 11.
Here is the excerpt from Zerubbabel translated into English: the complete article being available in its second book - opening of the seventh seal –
An explicit example of Western vaccination is found in John's gospel, when Jesus said to his disciples: "Pure, you are already pure, thanks to the word I have spoken to you. "(John 15:3) In Matthew's Gospel, the metaphor of the dwelling invaded by unclean spirits (Matthew 12:43-45) also speaks of Christ's purification and prophesies the dramatic relapse into the Great Tribulation, when an infinity of unclean spirits (1+7) invade the dwelling of an entire generation. Now that this prophecy is fulfilled, it is a matter of reaching THE TOTAL TRUTH without delay (John 16:12-15). The mystery of God must end (Revelation 10:7): all the words of Truth injected into the world must be spoken explicitly, merge and potentiate: the Seventh Seal - unlike the previous seals - will be written exclusively on the lines!

The eastern and western injections are two testimonies that are metaphorically represented by the two witnesses of Revelation chapter 11. If it has not already been done, little children, read this chapter, you will see that these two witnesses are dead but not buried; their corpse is indeed in the public square, that of the Great City (Civilization): this means that the two testimonies have been falsified and are today part of the culture of the Great Babylon. I saw this because I have climbed up and down from the sky more than once and we gain a lot by seeing things from above....

But I also went to a good school, when the best Oriental pedagogical team took care of cleaning my home: no matter how much you are a child who refuses teaching of men, it is not enough to preserve your purity of mind. Because the whole world lies in the power of the Evil One (1 John 5:19), you can no longer fight against false prophets alone, as you once did. Now, when they take care of you from an early age, it's like you falling into a deep pit filled with manure: even if you save from drowning, you still drank the cup and your skin is soaked with a persistent stench. Fortunately, the rescuers helped me to spit out what I had absorbed, they vaccinated me, washed me with a jet and perfumed me, not with the perfumes of this world, but with the true perfumes, which are the prayers of the saints (Revelation 5:8) ...

The Lamb then broke the seventh seal, and there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. Next, I saw seven trumpets being given to the seven angels who stand in the presence of God. Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. A large quantity of incense was given to him to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar that stood in front of the throne; and so, from the angel's hand the smoke of the incense went up in the presence of God and with it the prayers of the saints.
Revelation 8:1-4 ─ New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)


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