One God, one truth.
This is the truth in a world of darkness where the lies reign supreme with ─ as support ─ the science of man and his army of antichrists.

1 John 2:21-23 – King James Bible (version KJV)

Today, teachers defile the sanctuaries of the Living God that you are.
The one who originally was to take place in you has left (2 Thessalonians 2:6-8) for the ruler of this world to replace him.This is the apostasy announced two thousand years ago.
2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 – King James Bible (version KJV)

The lie is in you ─ the impure spirit as Jesus said ─. Today, the lawless, the antichrist ─ this type of person denying the Father and the Son ─ is everywhere and has power in this world, but the Lord will destroy him by the breath of his mouth and destroy him by the appearance of his Coming.
2 Thessalonians 2:8 – King James Bible (version KJV) ─

From the moment you are born, people conditioned by the world of idolatry tell you how to live in this money-driven world. It is essential for the ─ antichrists to ensure that you reject the Father and the Son as soon as you come into the world. It is in view of this ultimate mission that schools do not teach the true history of salvation, but rather the precepts of men.The ultimate goal of the present Church was to give you the right vision of things through the Word of Jesus, but the Church itself has been contaminated and what it now teaches is only human precepts ─ The same thing happened when Jesus came two thousand years ago ─ Lies are transmitted to you from an early age by your parents infected with human traditions and then by your school education. Then, when your training is over, the media make sure to remind you of how you should live in this world by showing you day after day images of idolatry ─ instructions for use and how to live in this world ─ that everyone loves in one way or another.
Revelation 13:15-17 – King James Bible (version KJV)

Successful mission for antichrists since today's young people are jostling with their backpacks full of garbage and dreaming of what they will one day become ─ the competition pushing them to stand out ─. However, it has already been said that the latter will be the first and vice versa. In this world of money and competition, people do not hesitate to do anything to stand out and succeed, they are all faithful to the vision of the things that the school and the media have transmitted to them. If some complain about the way the world is governed, their way of expressing themselves ─ even the so-called rebellious ways ─ are no better than the others since they are built from their conditioning already suffered at a very young age. For those who have nothing, there is obviously help.
If you realize that this world is absurd and you sink into despair, there are psychologists and psychiatrists.
For those who are starving and in need of care, there is humanitarian aid. For abused or neglected young people, there is Youth Assistance
For the antichrists, there is no other world than this world and they do not skimp on their effort to ensure that ─ in the name of their secularism ─ you love their vision of things.
The lie can only be accepted by the majority (the mass) ─ a priori for the world to stand up ─ it took ─ for antichrists ─ you condition so that all minds are controlled and kept in error in one way or another.
In addition, the media are there to fill you with lies and hide what is really happening in the world.
In addition to apostasy, it is also the Great Tribulation!
Mark 13:19-20 – King James Bible (version KJV)

In such a rule of the game, the world built by the antichrists is just a house of cards.The Lord only waited until the right moment to blow on it. So there is no need to think like René Descartes when he said:''' I think, so I am'''. There is only one person who can say that and that is God. It was only necessary that God no longer occupy your sanctuaries ─ your bodies ─ for the Man of illegality to present himself and affirm himself.
see in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 – King James Bible (version KJV)


Today, we have arrived at that time, it is the time of the Last Judgment.


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